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Malcolm P. Fletcher WWII Diary


"Set forth in these pages is the story of a small group of men, who along with the riflemen, the tanks, and the guts it takes to fight a war, I have tried to portray here as I saw them. This account takes us from France into Germany, to Belgium into Luxembourg, then back to Germany, into Czechoslovakia, and finally into Austria. Combat Diary" - Malcolm P. Fletcher

Those are my father’s own words that briefly describe his epic journey during World War II. While he did his tour of Europe as a combat infantryman, he made notes, drew sketches, took photos, and absorbed it all as the world nearly melted down in front of him. Dad had a unique ability to document everything he saw, the horror and yes even the humor. And it all occurred in real time literally from home to boot camp to shipping overseas, from foxhole to foxhole, then to the next town and the one after that. I know you will be drawn into his story, which is after all, the story of many brave men and women who paid a huge price in this war.

Michael S. Fletcher

Check out Mike's interview

on the Brian Thomas Show


"Following the war, he organized and expanded those notes and he even came up with the title but getting the diary published fell to his sons. They have done a nice job in conveying their father's story and bringing things up to date as well".    


D. Gibson

 "Not for Morbidity 's Sake" is a story about courage and perserverance,  I highly recommend it"!   

 D. Flerlage, USMC

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