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Musician, Singer- Songwriter, & Writer

Manager of Sleep Disorders Centers in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Registered Sleep Technologist (RPSGT)

BS Health Science from Northern Kentucky University

Mike began his musical life by being a part of excellent music programs in the Northern Kentucky area.  He was awarded a scholarship to the University of Kentucky as a tubist with the concert band. Eventually he decided that he wanted something else and left school to embark on a musical journey that led him across the United States and Canada. During this time he learned a great deal about other people and developed a wonderful appreciation for diversity. Strength through diverse people was very obvious and made for some great music. He will try to provide links whenever possible to some excellent musicians and bands that are still making a difference in the world of music.


Mike has a close association with wonderful friends, musicians and bands here in Southern Ohio & NKY. Most notably you need to check out  Rick "Bam" Powell and Marcos Sastre! He will be adding links as he get's them.  


Along Mike's journey from Kentucky to Ohio to California, back to Ohio, to Texas and back to Ohio again, he developed the notion that the answer to many of his questions was education. So he kept going to back to school at every opportunity. Mike was able to receive his AA degree at Golden West College in Huntington Beach California while playing music full time. Years later he achieved a personal goal of obtaining his Bachelor's Degree at Northern Kentucky University while working in the field of Sleep Medicine.

Mike has been published in the A2Zzz Newsletter, American Association of Sleep Technologists (3x). Most recently he has been successful in publishing his father’s World War 2 diary “Not For Morbidity’s Sake” on Amazon.


Today Mike continue's to manage sleep disorders centers, continue's to write, and he continue's to sing and play music  as well as write and record music. 


Mike is happily married and has three beautiful daughters who are also very successful and he has six grandchildren that are awesome! Mike has never stopped singing and playing music during his journey! He remain in awe and gratitude for his incredible journey and will always excited about tomorrow.  Tomorrow will come, disguised as today.

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